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Which Dog Breed Is Best For Me and My Family?

16 Jan

It’s true you are not able to choose your parents or what your kids will look like, but you sure can choose the right dog for you.

dog breedsThe first thing to do when you consider a new dog for yourself or your family is make sure everyone is on board and that you are ready for a 8-12 year minimum commitment. With thousands of dogs found on the streets and abandoned every day, make sure this is something you really want as you will want to be a responsible owner.

Also, when choosing which dog breed is best for you and your family, it’s a good idea to consider a pet from the local shelter or rescue group. Not only does this reduce the overcrowding in shelters, you will be supporting a good cause and saving a life.

If you must have a certain breed, always check the shelters and do a Google search for local rescues for your preferred breed. You’ll be surprised at how many pure bred rescues are out there with lovable new furry friends waiting for you!

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Many people treat dogs like shiny new toys, so you will need to give it plenty of thought and be sure you want a new family member.

Remember that it’s not an easy choice and requires a high level of responsibility to maintain a new dog, as any new pet require consistent care, that includes daily walks, regular feeding schedule and ongoing training. Adding a new pet to your home is like bringing a new family member, and a dog is no exception.

Dogs need time to acclimate to a new environment. You will want to introduce them to other pets, children and family members with caution, and understand they will need a time period to adjust. This is no different than getting a new roommate, moving in with a significant other or having a child.

No matter how you look at it, getting a new dog requires patience and a willingness to change. You will need to adapt your lifestyle to your dog’s needs in order to keep it balanced. This may take some time, but with a little patience you can curb the anxiety and have your new dog trained and blended in to it’s new life with ease.  

Don’t be overwhelmed! There are many reasons you decided to adopt a new pet. A dog can make the most loyal companion, best friend and they give back so much love and attention to their owners. They can offer a sense of belonging, hope and inspiration in people who want to learn the art of responsibility. They also work well as precursors to those who think they want to have children but are not sure. 

Having a dog can be the most wonderful thing in the world! But it also comes with some challenges. So once have given it some thought and weigh out the pros and cons, Use the handy Dog Breed Selector Tool and narrow down your search for the perfect pet.

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