List of Top Rescue Organizations:

Whether you are looking to volunteer, foster, donate, re-home or adopt a pitbull other breed, these are some great resources!

San Diego and Surrounding Area

Pitbull Rescue San Diego – Pitbull Terriers and Mixes

It’s The Pits Dog Rescue – Specializing in Pitbull Terriers

Even Chance – Pitbull Advocacy Rescue & Resources

Coastal German Shepherd Rescue of San Diego

Second Chance Dog Rescue – All Breeds Rescue and Foster

Los Angeles and Surrounding Area

San Francisco and Surrounding Area

Bad Rap – Top SF Bay Area Pitbull Rescue

Animal Rights & Advocacy Groups 

Get Involved! … Stand Up for a Cause You Believe In

Action for Animals – National Organization
Get Your Free Vegan Starter Pack!

Humane Society Unites States – National Organization
Hope for All Animals Worldwide

FARM USA – Compassionate Activist Network (CAN)
Grassroots Campaigns and Animal Activism Nationwide

The National Animal Interest Alliance – Worldwide Organization
Promoting Animal Welfare Worldwide

Farm Sanctuary –

Thanks for your patience while this page is under construction.

Soon this page will feature some amazing stories of rescued pitbulls and the wonderful groups that continue working for the best interest of the pitties. It takes a strong compassionate heart to do what many animal rescues do.  Keep up the good work!

One Love.


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